Crime Trends in South Africa: 10 Ways to Break into a Home – Part 1 of 2

Crime trends in South Africa: 10 ways to break into a home – part 1 of 2 – will show you that, sometimes, the surest way to prevent a crime, is to attempt to put yourself in the mind of a burglar.

Let’s break down the first 5 easiest ways to break into a home and see if we can uncover processes you may have missed along the way when considering your home security.

Here is attempt number 1:

21st Century Technology

Technology is changing the way we receive information and can provide important insights into the daily lives of others. Depending on your knowledge of the internet, not securing your personal online information properly may put you in a high risk situation while burglars prowl the internet looking for easy targets.

The way you and your family use the internet should cater for basic security measures that need to be put in place from the onset.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: Keep your personal information private the same way you keep your pay slip confidential. Avoid sharing locations, or make sure that your settings are set to private, so that only people you choose, can see where you are. Public sharing, for burglars, makes figuring out your location, as well as, lifestyle patterns easy while doing some “online shopping” for a target.

Burglars today, are far more tech savvy than we’d like to admit. Remember, it is their job to try to gain entry into your home.

Ensure that you take the necessary precautions, stay up-to-date with crime trends, and install appropriate home security products that will keep you and your family secure.

*Head over to your settings on each social media platform, and adjust where necessary to keep your information private and safe from the hungry eyes of a burglar. If you have children, make sure that they do the same.

*Geolocation should be switched off unless you are using it.

Here is attempt 2:

Surfing the Internet

Search engines provide a useful tool to do research and gather information. As crime trends go viral, burglars are constantly staying up-to-date and one step ahead, every time. That is why it is important to follow channels like Xpanda Security for up-to-date crime trends and security solutions. Contacting your trusted security company to do an inspection of your property, is also recommended when upgrading home security.

Teach your children and domestic helpers about crime trends and security around the home, and how to respond when a stranger comes knocking on the door, or rings the gate bell.

Here is attempt 3:

Be prepared for anything!

Police aren’t the only ones patrolling the area. Burglars keep a close-eye out, too! Most are opportunists, but there are some who do their homework, and they’ll keep a watchful eye for weeks, and sometimes, even months – waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

In this time, burglars observe your comings and goings, what time you wake up, what time you leave for work, what time you arrive home for lunch, what time your domestic helpers come and go, and what time you return home. They also observe how many people live in the home, and what their competition looks like.

Change your routine so that no pattern can be formed about your daily activities.

Join your local neighbourhood watch group or suggest starting one. Residents can notify you of important information should they see suspicious activity in and around the neighbourhood, at any given time.

Change your locks every-so-often, and opt for locks that cannot be picked, as burglars tend to carry around with them a master key that can open up to 90% of traditional locks. Keep your doors and windows secured with burglar bars and sliding security doors that make lock-picking and gaining entry to your home, difficult.

Here is attempt 4:

The art of cameras

Cameras are a great way to deter burglars, and record activity in-and-around your premises, when used properly.

Small recording devices such as webcams can be installed in strategic areas of the property and home. Link these devices to online surveillance technology where you can record and monitor activity, live.

Use dummy cameras to distract from the ones that are busy capturing each critical piece of information that you will need, in the event of a burglary.

Burglars may attempt to disable surveillance cameras – so, give them a dummy to play with while your smaller, less obvious cameras, do all the work.

Here is attempt 5:

Be creative

Burglars come in may forms. Some dress up as service providers, while others as themselves. Always ask for identification when approached by anyone who comes to you unannounced to provide you with some form of service. Don’t be shy to ask for a contact number of the company, and make the call to confirm their presence at your property. Note, that anyone can be on the other end of the line, so make sure that the number provided, is a legitimate business number.







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