Personal Safety tips you can use that are affordable

Personal safety is a thought that crosses the minds of thousands at various intervals throughout the day. It has become a part of our lifestyle, but we have managed to adapt quite well and make it through with the friendly advice passed on by others.  These extra measures you can take will improve your personal safety, as well as your valuables.

Some of may already be doing this, but for those of you who have not yet considered leaving the TV or radio on at night or while you’re away from home, you might want to start doing this. It creates the illusion that there is someone home and there is an activity on the go.

Your air-conditioner pipes contain copper, which is always an inviting lure as this in demand. Secure your air-conditioning unit to prevent potential burglary. You can do this by installing a secure cage around the unit or elevating it high enough so that it is out of reach. Make sure that there are no ladders or chairs which could be used to gain access to the unit. 

Floodlights around the home, garage and garden are a great deterrent. They’re helpful in lighting up areas of the property which are otherwise covered in darkness, so that you are never caught off-guard should an intruder enter your property. You will be able to see clearly and react accordingly. 

Curtains and blinds should be drawn closed where valuables are clearly visible from the road. Intruders walk the streets and do their ‘window shopping’ while looking for an easy target. It’s safer not to advertise the contents of your home, as far as it is possible. 

If you have a toolshed, ensure that you can lock it and access cannot be gained to this area as intruders are opportunistic. They will be on the lookout for any tools lying around that will assist them in getting the job done. They may also use these tools to break into your home. Do not leave your tools lying around. Lock them away!

Attractive garden decor such as kids bicycles or toys are considered an easy steal to an intruder. Before you leave your home or lock-up at night before you go to bed, have a look around for any items in the garden that may be inviting to any intruder. 

Carrying a panic button around with you whether you’re mowing the lawn, building something in the garage or heading out for the day, is the quickest way to inform your security company when you are in danger. 

Remember to secure your security gate motor box so that you can prevent intruders from stealing them.
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