Business security: Why small businesses need to care about security

Business security: Why small businesses need to care about security

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When you start your business, built into its foundation and setup must be a focus on security.

Though to some degree this must seem obvious, security is a wide-ranging concern, since there are all sorts of dynamics and targets of theft. But with new tech and new ways of creating and storing data, we need to take precautionary steps to help secure ourselves – and, therefore, our businesses.

For example, cloud security isn’t just of concern for big businesses. These days, everyone will be and is working “in the cloud”. As PC Mag points out: “cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet.” So data you store at the office will be just as easily accessible from home; conferencing, sharing and engaging all happen instantly, over the cloud, increasing productivity and not limiting where you work.

Thus, cloud computing isn’t just happening in higher end businesses. Much like how mobile phones aren’t just for a few people, but everyone, so computing and working across various digital spaces is reality for most businesses.

This means even small businesses must care about cloud security. As Ventureburn highlights: “If you think that antivirus and malware protection aren’t important for computers, you are sorely mistaken. There are thousands of new malware created daily and being unleashed onto the worldwide web.” And if we’re working on the cloud, you need special cloud based security – in addition to any already installed anti-virus software.

But businesses should not just concern themselves with digital security. Despite everything becoming digital, we still have plenty of valuable items that deserve protection: after all, the cloud needs devices to exist. Protecting these devices on site, in the office, is also essential and shouldn’t be underestimated just because we don’t often see or engage with these directly all the time (thanks to cloud-based work).

That’s why you still see gates, fences, man traps, cameras and so on still installed in many businesses – regardless of how often the staff is on site or in the office. It’s essential that security be a focus on multiple levels – digital and physical. Both are equally important, regardless of where we might spend most of our time or obtain most of our data.

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