7 Essential Home Security Tips For New Homeowners Who Want to Avoid Making Simple Mistakes

Home security tips to help you make better choices as a new homeowner. 

1. Domestic Worker 

Make sure your domestic worker or au pair has all the necessary emergency numbers in order to contact you should an emergency arise. Instruct your domestic worker on how to use the panic button, if you have one. Make sure that they know who to contact in any given situation. 

2. Pets

Families place a great deal of reliance on their pets to protect them, or inform them of unusual activity in and around the home by tuning into their behaviour. Other means of security is vital. 

3. Living above ground

Don’t leave windows open to chance. Any entry is seen as an opportunity to a burglar. Secure your windows and keep them closed when you’re not home and when you’re asleep. 

4. Alarm Systems

If your alarm is going off, that means that someone has already gained access to your home. An intruder has limited time once this happens to grab your best loved possessions. Secure your doors and windows and keep them closed at all times where you are not present. Install motion sensors outside of the home. This will give you time to react before an intruder can gain entry into your home. 

5. Post Box

Ensure that you collect the post piling up outside your home, as this is often used as an indicator as to whether or not you are at home. If you go away on holiday, ask your friendly neighbour to collect your post for the time being. 

6. After a Long Day 

Arriving home after your school run to get the kids settled, fed and bathed can cause you to forget small, but important things. Get yourself into a good routine when it comes to looking out for loiterers, and remember to close your garage door – it’s another, often weak, access point.

7. Children

Make sure the children know where the keys are. Explain to them that it is a security risk, but in the event of an emergency, everyone needs to be able to make a swift exit. This is especially important in a country where most people have bars on the windows. 

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