Commercial Crime: How to Protect Your Business in South Africa

We have some useful tips for you to help protect your business from crime in South Africa.

Attackers work together in groups of approximately four to six people, who have scouted the area for days, or even months leading up to a crime. 

Here is what you need to note:

  • Consider removing high-value items from display cases
  • Lock away all valuable items at the close of business each day
  • Increase visibility by ensuring that your store is well lit inside, and outside
  • Remain vigilant and alert when it comes to suspicious activity happening in and around the area. Report any activity to your nearest security company
  • Treat the opening and closing times of your store with extra caution. Watch to see if there is anyone suspicious wandering around or hanging around your business during these hours, and report any suspicious activity to your nearest security company
  • Remain alert and observant throughout the day when your store is busy, and when big crowds enter your store
  • Ensure that you regularly test your alarm system and panic buttons in-store to ensure they are in working order
  • If you have signs and posters on your store windows, ensure that these don’t obstruct your visibility
  • Make sure that your staff is familiar with the location of your panic buttons
  • Ensure store security signs are visible and make it known that your store is protected and fitted with  CCTV cameras, and an alarm system

What to do during a robbery:  

  • Stay calm and do not resist
  • Do not make eye-contact with robbers 
  • Comply with the demands made by robbers 
  • Cooperate and assure robbers by making slow, steady movements
  • If you need to make any unusual movements, communicate this to the robber(s) in a calm manner so that they do not feel threatened by what you are doing
  • Take note of as much detail as you can, such as clothing, accents, and language 

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