3 innovative security products you never knew you needed!

Burglar proofing your home is still a top priority in our country. Add a little more to protect your home this summer with these 3 innovative security products you never knew you needed!

Most burglaries occur when people are at home. Whether you’re in a gated community or standalone home, always ensure that your windows are barred and your security gates are locked at all times.

1: Hidden Wall Safe

Create a DIY-friendly alternative to your every day safe by investing in a hidden wall safe which blends into the decor of your home, giving you peace-of-mind that your valuables are secure. There are various options available.  

2: XPANDA Clear Guard

Clear Vision guards are a transparent burglar guard and are constructed from polycarbonate sheets with a special UV protection. They are impact resistant, offering the similar protection to standard steel burglar bars. Clear Vision guards suitable for both wood and aluminium windows. 

  • A transparent burglar guard – unobstructed view for windows offering optical clarity
  • Constructed from polycarbonate sheets with a special UV protection layer on both sides
  • Impact resistant – virtually unbreakable – offering strength and flexibility
  • Similar protection as standard steel burglar guards
  • Rust and maintenance free – ideal for coast conditions
  • Suitable for wood and aluminium windows
  • White or black finishing screw cover caps
  • Installed by certified fitters If installed correctly, will keep pests out such as monkeys, including unwanted intruders

3: PetLatch

LockLatch has released a new product called, PetLatch which is designed specifically for pet access. It allows for a slightly bigger opening for bigger pets. “This is a great home security product in the sense that using this dog door alternative means you don’t need to install a permanent dog door – which is a big home safety threat.” via LockLatch

Xpanda, putting your safety first!


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