5 New Year’s Safety Resolutions

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What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2016? If you’re like many people, you’ll go with the old standby promises to exercise more, eat less, drink less, and generally restrict your own 

What if you went a different direction this year? What if, just for this one year, you focused your New Year’s resolutions on safety; for you, your home and your family?Would you be more likely to keep your New Year’s resolutions, knowing they were keeping you safe from harm? 

5 New Year’s Safety Resolutions

Stay safe on the road. Be strict about safe driving practices. Don’t drink and drive, don’t text and drive and don’t talk on your cell phone without a hands free device. Always wear your seatbelt, and make sure that everyone in your vehicle is also buckled up, with young children safely tucked into their car seats, before you start to move.

Travel safely. Don’t carry much cash, and keep it and your tickets in an inside pocket. Be careful with your luggage, and don’t ever leave it unattended. If you’re taking a road trip, make sure your vehicle is ready for the road before you take off – check tire pressure and stay up-to-date on oil changes.

Use better personal safety sense. When you’re online, protect your identity. When you’re out by yourself at night, park in well-lit places. Lock your car when you leave it, and carry your keys in your hand. It’s a good idea to keep your valuables out of sight.

Know how to ensure that someone else makes it home safely. CPR is a valuable skill every adult should possess. If you don’t know CPR already, make a New Year’s resolution to take a course, and maybe you’ll end up saving someone’s life!

Keep your home safe. Protect your home from burglars by taking precautions such as locking your doors and keeping trees and bushes trimmed. 

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