5 Not So Obvious Security Tips

People are always reminded to take safety precautions in their everyday lives. Here are 5 security tips that you may not have heard of before. 

1. Don’t Go To Bed Alone

Yes thats right, don’t go to bed without your car keys! Always keep them on your bedside incase an intruder is in your home. By activating your car, this can scare the intruder who will be frighted by the noise.

2. Fake your GPS  

Your GPS should be set with either a false address or one that is near your home, this could even be a popular location near your home. This way, if a burglar breaks into your car or somehow gets hold of your GPS, they won’t be able to locate where you live. This can help prevent harm to you, your family and the invasion of your home. 

3. The Social Media Trap.

Don’t post where you are, where you’ll be or any other information that could backfire. This is particularly important when you are travelling or away from home for a long period of time.  Don’t say things like “First time leaving my children at home in charge of the house”, because unfortunately there are bad people out there who wait for opportunities to strike. 

4. Watch Out For Keyloggers.

Keyloggers are hardware devices plugged into the back of a PC that your keyboard plug is piggybacked on. What this does is it records all your keystrokes and are stored until the criminal retrieves it.

5. Hide Your Code.

At the ATM, on your phone, computer and home codes, always remember to cover your password. If someone knows your password they will have access to everything your device holds. 

Xpanda works to keep criminals behind bars and out of your home. 

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