5 things that burglars do not want us to know

Here are some helpful security tips about how to keep the burglars behind bars. 

1. Ignoring a knock or doorbell is sometimes a smart idea, but leaving the door unlocked—even when you’re home—isn’t. Many burglars will try the door if nobody responds. If it opens, they’ll enter.

2. Burglars don’t mind taking the entire safe with them to save time or if they cannot figure out how to crack it. Bolt it down.

3. A barking dog can deter break-ins. So do nosy neighbours (The only time that they are helpful)

4. Never reveal your vacation or business trip plans on your Facebook page or Twitter profile. Don’t assume nobody could figure out your address just because it’s readily available.

5. No matter how hot the day is, never leave a window open even a tiny bit when you’re away. Burglars can’t resist this.

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