5 ways to conceal your wall safes!

Wall safes are designed to provide protection for different kinds of valuables. It is important to protect your small valuables such as jewelry, documents and sums of money.

Selecting an area of placement for your wall safe plays a vital role in enhancing the safety of your valuables.

Here are five smart ways to conceal your wall safe.
  1. Hanging a painting over the wall safe positioned into the wall can hide the safe from view of others.
  2. Attaching the safe to a wall inside a cupboard, concealing it from those who do not know it is there.
  3. Positioning the attached safe in shade of objects around the house, such as placing a couch in front of the safe or a dressing table over the safe.
  4. If your home has hidden rooms or small areas that open up, it may be a good idea to install the wall safe in these areas as it is less likely to be found by those who are not familiar with your home.
  5. The master bedroom is often the preferred space to place a wall safe. This may be wise when you are around, however it may not be so wise in your absence. It is a good idea to consider placing your wall safe in a room that is unexpected. 

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