Do you have an actionable crisis management plan?

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A clear crisis management plan is vital to enforce, as no single industry is immune to a crisis. A swift execution and strategically planned approach will ensure a potentially dangerous situation does not escalate and, will end sooner rather than later.

The 10 most crisis-prone industries are namely: Food, Energy, Automotive Manufacturing, Transportation, Banking, Insurance & Financial Services, Education, Government Agencies, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare.

A delayed reaction due to not having a proper plan implemented within a company can result in costly damage to a business on various levels –  Material, relationships, reputation and even lawsuits. Those immediately involved and around the situation will want to know what type of management is being implemented during a crisis to control the damage.

Here are some useful guidelines for you to consider when setting up your crisis management plan.

Real-Time: Your plan must be effective in real-time. How long will it take to access instructions / Does every member of staff know what their specific instructions are during a crisis? Run some practice rounds while asking new questions and improving your plan. These include regular checks to ensure panic buttons are working, located correctly; security gates installed ; and exits are clearly marked.

The plan: Keep instructions handy. Have them easily accessible from mobile phones to avoid a panic while trying to find the paperwork or disk where the plan has been stored. This way everyone has access to vital information wherever they go! As you run through your plan, eliminate the unnecessary steps that may hinder a swift execution.

Prioritise Steps: Internal communications: The first step to recovery is right at the onset of a crisis. Ensure that your internal communications are your top priority as part of the plan, but remember that external communications are a close second to that. Juggle the timeframe carefully here.

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