Avoid Burglary: Tips from a Burglar

Avoid Burglary

The best way to avoid burglary is to think like a burglar, walk in their shoes and find out how they think and behave. Here are some insightful suggestions taken from an interview with a burglar to help better secure your home. Some say you should attempt to break in to your own house to discover possible weak points in security. Below are a few interesting ideas to better your security.

  • Avoid tall shrubs and trees around your windows and doors as this can conceal potential criminals while they are breaking in. Burglars target homes where their break in won’t be visible to the public. Xpanda has security fencing that allows for both visibility and protection.
  • Exterior lighting can also help deter burglars, but the best thing to have is a motion sensor floodlight. When a motion light kicks switches on, it draws attention to your property and neighbours are more likely to take note of what’s going on outside your home (and hopefully alert the authorities if there is suspicion of a security threat). 
  • Burglars target homes and offices where they feel they can reap the most reward. Avoid advertising anything that may suggest you have a lot of money. If you have an expensive car, keep it in the garage, conceal your valuable possessions in your home by closing blinds or curtains and make sure you discreetly dispose of any rubbish that may give criminals an idea of the contents of your home.
  • Burglars do research about a neighbourhood before they rob it, they know when you leave for work and whether your neighbours are home. They assess the risk they take when breaking into your house, so make sure you aren’t an easy target.
  • If your home is protected by a security system, do not put up a sign alerting burglars of which security system you are using, Rather put up a generic sign so that criminals are not prepared to disable a specific alarm system.
  • Dogs are equally useful alarm systems. The bark is more important than the bite, it will alert neighbours of something that is going on. Even a small dog with a loud bark can make a big difference in deterring a criminal and avoiding burglary.
  • Remember, the goal isn’t to make your house completely break in proof but rather to make your home a less attractive target than the other houses in your neighbourhood. Look at the surrounding homes in your neighbourhood and make sure yours isn’t the most attractive target for robbery.
If you have any questions or concerns about your home security, speak to one of our Xpanda professionals for a customised security solution to avoid burglary. Do your part and be security smart.

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