Avoid Office Burglary during the Festive Season

office burglary

 A recent study has shown that there is a definitive increase in crime during the Festive Season in South Africa. Criminals have become more aware of vacant offices and buildings over the holiday period and target those who have not taken extra security measures. 

  • Secure your valuables

Burglars are highly aware of offices containing valuable possessions such as computers, laptops, electronics and stock. Make sure that you put these away in a store room with extra security. Xpanda has a great range of security gates that can provide an extra barrier between your valuables and possible security threats. Another idea is to bolt down your computers as the information they contain is more valuable to you than to them.

  • Secure all doors and windows

Leaving any door, window or opening unsecured leaves an access point for robbers to exploit without too much effort. Xpanda are professionals at keeping criminals out, contact us for a free quote or speak to our experts about beefing up your business security to suite your specific requirements. 

  • Lock Lock Lock

Be vigilant about locking up all doors and closing windows at night when the last person leaves. Maybe put an incentive system in to encourage employees to be extra security conscious. Also set the alarm every night and especially when staff take their festive season break. 

  • Create the illusion of occupancy

This may seem like an excessive measure of security but it is a tried and tested method of deterring burglars in the long run. Creating the illusion of occupancy is as simple as installing some timers on your lights to switch on and off daily during the holidays, making sure someone collects the excess mail and arrange for a gardener to trim the grass. Also don’t forget to cancel any deliveries over the festive season to avoid them being lost or stolen in the mail.

  • Inventory in case of Robbery

It’s important to make sure you can identify any goods that have been stolen and have a plan in case of an emergency. Use a camera or cellphone to take an inventory of any computers, jewellery, stock and anything movable including serial numbers. This will help identify your goods if they are found or speed up the insurance process.

  • Locks, gate remotes and alarm codes

Also take an inventory of all keys, entrance remotes and alarm and security codes. Change all locks and passwords if any of these have been misplaced or ex employees have access to the office building. Have peace of mind in knowing that your business is secure and that only the mandatory have access to the building during the festive season.

Taking extra security precautions can be worth your while in the long run. If you want to beef up your security, contact any of our Xpanda experts who can guide you to the perfect security solution for your business. 

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