Beef up your security this Christmas


Beef up your security this Christmas

The festive season is upon us and with this comes the need to increase your home security measures. Criminals have become conscious that, around this time of the year, residents are making many expensive purchases and are planning vacations, which leaves homes unattended. Here are a few tips to beef up your security during these Christmas and New Years holidays.

Christmas lights and decorations

Many festive decorators make the common mistake of feeding their Christmas lights through slightly open windows. This leaves their homes vulnerable to criminals. It is advised to use battery or solar operated lights as an alternative or install outdoor electrical light circuits.

Be careful what you post on social media

A recent study has shown that criminals are now using social media to scout for potential targets. Avoid posting statuses about your vacation plans as this lets criminals know when your house is unoccupied. Also, do not post images of expensive Christmas presents online as this can make your home a target.

Don’t hide your keys

Criminals are now alert to hidden spare keys. Do not hide your keys under doormats, in pot plants or on door ledges as this lowers this security of your home.

Close your curtains and windows

Make sure to keep your curtains closed when you are not home so that criminals will not be able to see your gifts and belongings. Ensure that you do not set up your Christmas tree and presents near the window.

Going on vacation? 

If you are going away during the festive season, it’s a good idea to set timers for your TV or radio to give the illusion of occupancy. Plan ahead making sure that your neighbours are collecting your post so that burglars don’t have access to your personal information. Don’t give away your vacation plans on your voicemail, rather forward the calls to your cellphone or to a neighbour.


When shopping for gifts, keep your purse or wallet close and be weary of pick pockets. Pay with debit or credit cards to avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Store your purchases in the boot of your car when transporting them to safeguard them from the view of criminals. Ensure that gift-wrapping and boxes are disposed of and securely tied up with plastic bin bags so as not to alert criminals of the new contents of your household.

Check windows and doors for weak spots

Make certain that all possible entrances to your home are secured; be sure to replace rusty hinges and broken locks. Installing Xpanda sliding security gates and burglar guards will help increase your home security exponentially.

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For many, Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, however criminals see this as an opportunity to complete their Christmas shopping lists. Take these tips into consideration when preparing for this festive season and hopefully you and your home will be safe and secure. Everyone at Xpanda wishes you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


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