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How You Can Stay Safe When Using Your Own or Public Transportation

It has become increasingly difficult for criminals to steal motor vehicles. This is a result of all the anti-theft devices, such as immobilisers, gear-locks, etc. However, this has led to a dramatic increase in vehicle hijackings. The hijacker has the element of surprise catching the victim off guard.In South Africa, these stolen vehicles are then […]

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Secure Your Online Information Using These Important Guidelines

Securing your information online has become an important practice for many business owners as well as everyday people who are active online. The more people engage online in their everyday lives, the more at risk they become to privacy violations. To protect themselves, consumers need to secure the information they plug into the Internet and […]

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Get To Know the Three Different Types Of Burglars Out There

There are many different types of burglars out there, and we need to constantly be on guard to ensure that we don’t fall victim to theft. Sometimes it may be hard if you don’t know what to look for. Xpanda has identified 3 types of criminals and how you can stop them.1. The OpportunistThese criminals look for any […]

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Raising Security Wise Children in A Country Where Crime is High

Home is a place where children learn and grow. It is where they develop healthy boundaries and go to when they need to feel safe and secure. We can only try our best to protect our children, but emergencies happen, and we need to be prepared for them to give us peace-of-mind in any situation. Teaching […]

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Tips To Teach Your Domestic Worker About Home Security

Housebreakings are common in South Africa. Therefore, it’s important to have a crisis management plan and basic guidelines in place to ensure that everyone in the house, including your domestic worker, knows what security measures to apply to keep safe.Share the tips below with your domestic worker, and any other employee you have working at […]

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What security measures you need to consider when you own or rent a flat

Secure your upper level apartment by following these simple guides. This applies to holiday homes, first time homeowners and for those of you renting. Before:Research the crime in the area you are looking at purchasing a flat, or renting a flat. Visit the nearest police station and get some insight from the officials. Speak to the […]

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The best way to give you and your family great security is to go through your home with the eye and mind of a thief

 The best way to give you and your family great security is to go through your home with the eye and mind of a thief. Give it a go and discover the weak points of your home you might have missed before. Below, we give you some handy pointers to consider and to get you started. Consider what you say […]

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7 Essential Home Security Tips For New Homeowners Who Want to Avoid Making Simple Mistakes

Home security tips to help you make better choices as a new homeowner. 1. Domestic Worker Make sure your domestic worker or au pair has all the necessary emergency numbers in order to contact you should an emergency arise. Instruct your domestic worker on how to use the panic button, if you have one. Make sure that they know who […]

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Alu-Glide: More than just a security door

There is a steady rise in burglaries and home invasions taking place year on year. Now is the time to secure your home the best that you can. Xpanda Security doors and bars are effective security solutions, proven to keep opportunists and potential burglars out of the home and away from you and your loved ones. Home Access ControlHave you assessed every entry point […]

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