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How much do we rely on crime statistics in South Africa?

How much do we rely on crime statistics in South Africa? Read more below in this recent article from Insurance has released its March 2017 crime tracker, showing that overall crime levels are down – but public perceptions around high levels of crime remain unmoved.The Bryte Insurance Crime Tracker is an indicator of long-term […]

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To child-proof your home you need to think like a child

To effectively child-proof your home, you need to think like a child. In this guide below from you will gain extensive insights on how to master making your home more child-friendly.Parents worry endlessly about how to protect their children from abduction and violence but generally overlook one of the biggest threats to their child’s […]

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Explore our range of burglar bars and maximise your home security today

Burglar Bars are a simple, low-tech home security solution for the everyday man. In this blog post, we will be discussing tips and tricks for choosing and installing Burglar Bars.In a country where home invasions are, sadly, a common occurrence, burglar bars act as a deterrent for burglars and therefore offer a sense of relief […]

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How under-reporting crime affects the people of South Africa

Below is an informative article shared by the Xpanda Security group from is important that we take note of the contents of the article below and work together to help improve the security issues faced in South Africa today. There are varying reasons why crimes are not reported. To find out more, continue reading…“Sadly, […]

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Security apps and more for students in South Africa

Security apps and more for students.When our children leave home to attend school or university, the one thing that tends to worry parents most is security.  Scholars and students are soft targets for theft, as they carry more consumer goods, such as smartphones, laptops and other expensive gadgets.“Research has shown that three-quarters of campuses provide a […]

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How You Can Stay Safe When Using Your Own or Public Transportation

It has become increasingly difficult for criminals to steal motor vehicles. This is a result of all the anti-theft devices, such as immobilisers, gear-locks, etc. However, this has led to a dramatic increase in vehicle hijackings. The hijacker has the element of surprise catching the victim off guard.In South Africa, these stolen vehicles are then […]

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Secure Your Online Information Using These Important Guidelines

Securing your information online has become an important practice for many business owners as well as everyday people who are active online. The more people engage online in their everyday lives, the more at risk they become to privacy violations. To protect themselves, consumers need to secure the information they plug into the Internet and […]

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Get To Know the Three Different Types Of Burglars Out There

There are many different types of burglars out there, and we need to constantly be on guard to ensure that we don’t fall victim to theft. Sometimes it may be hard if you don’t know what to look for. Xpanda has identified 3 types of criminals and how you can stop them.1. The OpportunistThese criminals look for any […]

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Raising Security Wise Children in A Country Where Crime is High

Home is a place where children learn and grow. It is where they develop healthy boundaries and go to when they need to feel safe and secure. We can only try our best to protect our children, but emergencies happen, and we need to be prepared for them to give us peace-of-mind in any situation. Teaching […]

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