Brainless Burglars

In this day and age, it is evident that burglars are becoming smarter, hence the improvement of security products and systems. However this is not the case with all criminals.  Here are 3 incidents of criminals who were not so smart:

1. The thieves who drew themselves masks with permanent ink


There was little to disguise what these two had been up to moments before police pulled them over. Would-be burglars Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller’s masterplan had one tiny flaw –their ‘disguises’ comprised of masks drawn on their faces with permanent marker pen. American police stopped their car after a witness reported two men ‘with painted faces’ were trying to break into a flat in Carroll, Iowa. The caller added that the pair were wearing dark, hooded tops and had driven off in a big white car. 

Police soon spotted a 1994 Buick Roadmaster matching the description and stopped it at gunpoint. Inside they found the two men, both of whom had what appeared to be masks, beards or moustaches scrawled on to their faces. McNelly, 23, and Miller, 20, were both charged with attempted second-degree burglary and were released on bail.

2. The hidden robber who was discovered because he laughed at victim’s joke


He was hidden when the family arrived at their home but was caught after the couple heard someone laughing after the husband told a funny story. That must had been a hell of a joke. 

3. The thief who had his name and birth date tattooed on his neck


Police did not have to lift a finger to identify this thief after he broke into a car specially rigged with cameras – because he had a huge tattoo revealing his name and date of birth. Aaron Evans, 21, was filmed breaking into the Peugeot 106 in an NCP car park before making off with a stolen sat-nav device. Not only had he failed to spot the covert camera filming his every move but he had the vital information ‘Evans 19.9.87’ boldly tattooed on his neck. Evans was jailed for seven months.

To read more stories of burglars who weren’t so smart click on the following link. At Xpanda we work to keep criminals behind bars. 

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