Burglar Bars You Can Count On

Burglar Bars prevent intruders from entering your home, making your home a fortress against these intruders. This is a simple but very effective security product for home and business owners alike. If you have safety concerns, burglar and window bars are great deterrents to burglars, and they also offer several benefits over other security systems. 

“House robberies and violent attacks on South African citizens are not only on the rise, but truly a great concern as many people have already been a victim in one way or another. Many of the attacks occur during the night when people are sleeping, often with grave consequences. One way to protect against such attacks is to secure your home with burglar proofing and security gates.”   – Sequre

Conventional burglar proofing risks

With the old-style burglar bars criminals can still cut the bars and bend them open. It’s not uncommon to read about robbers that gained entrance to a house by cutting the burglar bars. With the trellis system, the burglars cannot cut the bars simply because of the type of material used and also the diamond design of the bars.

Robbers can also gain entrance by climbing through the bars. Numerous police reports indicate how robbery teams use smaller members to gain entrance through the burglar bars of houses to open the doors from inside. With trellis-slide gates at the windows, the spaces are too small to crawl through. You can read more here

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Xpanda has been manufacturing burglar bars since 1974 and are recommended by the police and the insurance industry as key to keeping criminals behind bars. To view our extensive product rage of Burglar Bars that you can count on to keep burglars out click here

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