Burglar-proof Your Residential and Commercial Property This Summer

Burglar-proof your property this summer by making it harder for potential burglars to enter your property. 

Here are some tips to get you started.

Secure Your Windows and Doors 

Xpanda Security offers a wide range of quality tested products that have been designed to secure your residential and commercial property by protecting the access points of your property. 

Make Your Premises Harder to Break into

The harder it is to break into your property, the less likely it is your property will be targeted by burglars. Home security systems are an effective deterrent when you’re trying to ward off burglars. Ensure that your windows and doors are locked and secured with burglar bars. Link the access points of your home to your local trusted security company by installing an alarm system.

Your Friendly Neighbour

Get to know your neighbour and make an effort to keep in touch so that you have someone close by to keep watch over your property, and vice versa. Going away on holiday can be daunting without the support of your friendly neighbour. Start a neighbourhood watch-group and report any suspicious activity happening in-and-around the area, as and when necessary.  

Take a look at our wide range of products below.

Sliding Security Doors
Burglar Bars
Driveway Gates
Gate Automation
Roller Shutter Doors
Security Gates
Xpanding Barrier

Visit the Xpanda Security products range and

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