Burglary in South Africa

Burglary is a serious problem in our country, considering its high occurrence rate and the financial and psychological impact it has on peoples’ lives. It is the most prevalent crime by numbers across the country, and can be the one most easily reduced. Burglary is opportunistic and easily prevented by investing in custom made security products.

**8 ways you can prevent the theft of your valuables **

Here are 8 simple but effective practices to prevent burglars getting their hands on your belongings:

* Ensure that your security system is working and that they have backup batteries
* Mark your valuable items inside with an engraver – in the case that they get stolen they could be returned to you
* Store valuables such as money and jewellery inside a safe
* Be cautious of who you lend your keys to as keys can be easily copied
* Don’t publicise your absence when away on holiday or business
* Don’t advertise your valuables
* Take a look at your home from the outside and place yourself in the shoes of a burglar – what can you see?
* Install home security gates in your home

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