Business security tips to help you improve security over the festive season

Business security not only ensures you feel safe, it adds to the safety and security of your staff and customers too. Here are some steps you can take to better the security of your business.

Run a risk assessment: identify the weak points that there may be in your business, as well as premises in order to improve business security. Contact your local security company to find out what is happening in your area and consult with your staff too to see if there is anything they have detected. 

Entry points: the basic entry points of your business are your windows and doors – as well as the entrance gate, if you have one. Secure these points of entry with an alarm and security gates. Keep doors and windows locked and set the alarm when there is no one in the building.  There are various new technologies which will help maximise your business’ security. 

You can deter intruders by having a well secured perimeter. Consider the lighting on your premises, fencing, CCTV and secure the car park area. It does not need to look like Fort Knox, but covering these basics is a sure deterrent and makes it more challenging for an intruder to gain access without being noticed.  

Make sure that you perform background checks on anyone working on your premises. Keeping a logbook of every visitor and member of staff on the premises will make the process of elimination easier in the event something unfortunate should happen and your business is burgled. 

Securing your technology within the business such as laptops and computers is vital. Backups are important, too. Take a look at some options to setup an alarm that detects tampering of your equipment and record serial numbers. 

Cybercrime is on the rise and should not be overlooked in businesses today. Investing in good quality anti-virus and firewall technology will help to protect your confidential information. Regularly backup systems and files so that you can restore anything that is lost or deleted. Staff members should choose strong passwords for their computers. 

Conducting regular checks on your security equipment and access points will ensure that, should any of these be faulty, you will be able to repair them without compromising the safety of visitors and staff. 

Keep in contact with the businesses around you and security companies to find out what is happening in your area. Stay informed at all times so that you know what you need to keep your business safe. 


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