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Security Products For The Homemaker Who Enjoys DIY Projects

Security Products For The Homemaker Who Enjoys DIY ProjectsXpanda Security offers a range of security products for the homemaker who wants to tackle the job alone. These products are designed with the aesthetic appeal of your home in mind.DIY projects are an exciting challenge, and with the right product, you can finish off the job […]

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Burglar-proof Your Residential and Commercial Property This Summer

Burglar-proof your property this summer by making it harder for potential burglars to enter your property. Here are some tips to get you started.Secure Your Windows and Doors Xpanda Security offers a wide range of quality tested products that have been designed to secure your residential and commercial property by protecting the access points of your property. Make […]

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Explore our range of burglar bars and maximise your home security today

Burglar Bars are a simple, low-tech home security solution for the everyday man. In this blog post, we will be discussing tips and tricks for choosing and installing Burglar Bars.In a country where home invasions are, sadly, a common occurrence, burglar bars act as a deterrent for burglars and therefore offer a sense of relief […]

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Security apps and more for students in South Africa

Security apps and more for students.When our children leave home to attend school or university, the one thing that tends to worry parents most is security.  Scholars and students are soft targets for theft, as they carry more consumer goods, such as smartphones, laptops and other expensive gadgets.“Research has shown that three-quarters of campuses provide a […]

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DIY Home Security Tips that you can add to your daily routine

Follow these practical home security tips to add better security to your daily routine.  1:  Always appear to be at homeKeeping a couple lights on at night, or the TV on a timer will give the illusion that someone is home when you’re out for the night or for a few short days while there’s no one […]

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3 innovative security products you never knew you needed!

Burglar proofing your home is still a top priority in our country. Add a little more to protect your home this summer with these 3 innovative security products you never knew you needed! Most burglaries occur when people are at home. Whether you’re in a gated community or standalone home, always ensure that your windows are barred […]

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Roller Shutters – Part 2

Roller shutters refer to doors constructed from various slat material rolled up in a roll above the door opening. For ease of operation the doors are balanced by means of torsion springs. Xpanda has been manufacturing roller shutter doors since 1974. These security barriers are manufactured to the highest standard, and like all Xpanda products, […]

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