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Security Considerations for Business Owners in South Africa

Security considerations for business owners go beyond securing walls, windows, and doors. Your information is important too. In fact, data collection is a big focus at the moment, and you’ll soon see why.In this recent article by News 24, business security concerns delve deeper into machine learning, which is said to be enhancing a plethora […]

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Security Obligations Between Tenants And Landlords

Security obligations between tenants and landlords are clearly written in this article below by Private Property.Know your rights and ensure that the home you are living in is properly secured. It is to the benefit of the homeowner to have adequate security in place and it also makes the home more appealing to anyone looking […]

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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe During The Holidays

When organising a holiday there are many things you need to consider beyond packing and flight scheduling. It’s highly important to make sure that you’ve covered your bases at home to ensure that your property is safe while you’re away. Xpanda has provided the following tips to consider before you leave for your holiday:Talk to […]

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Feel Safe At Home During The Festive Season

1) Triple checkKnowing that your home is locked up can help you feel safe.
 It helps to be a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to home security. Always check, double check, and triple check that you have:Locked your doors and windowsArmed your security system 2) Make friends with your neighboursLife is always easier when you’ve […]

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Transparent Burglar Bars Help Protect You During The Festive Season

Transparent burglar bars protect your home from invasion, without obstructing your view or creating a ‘prison cell’ look. The bars are made from polycarbonate, making them as powerful and durable as traditional bars. Through the advancements of technologies, the bars have been made completely clear for modern day home burglar proofing. Xpanda has put forward […]

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The Public Has Been Cautioned Against Impersonators in South Africa

The Public Has Been Cautioned Against Impersonators in South Africa.The public should always be on the lookout for impersonators who claim to be employed by security companies or other service providers and never allow anyone onto their property without first checking their identity.“Impersonators are a problem for many industries, especially in the service sector. There […]

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