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5 ways to conceal your wall safes!

Wall safes are designed to provide protection for different kinds of valuables. It is important to protect your small valuables such as jewelry, documents and sums of money. Selecting an area of placement for your wall safe plays a vital role in enhancing the safety of your valuables. Here are five smart ways to conceal […]

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Security gates in Cape Town

Security gates are used widely across business and residential units, in the attempt to protect the valuables contained inside. The absence of a security gate provides a crack for criminals to seep through into your costly properties. More importantly than possessions, is your own personal safety. Safety is a primary concern for everyone and the […]

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Driveway gates in Pretoria

Driveway gates are the primary entrance into any property, for both residential and business units. Security is an important requirement in Pretoria and driveway gates set the foundation in securing a property. By installing a reliable driveway gate, you are able to prevent criminals getting into your property. Pretoria posses beautiful properties and building structures […]

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Security is a state of mind

Security is actually a state of mind. Once you move into the right frame of mind, where security is top most, you will find you will become more secure not only in how you protect your loved ones, but in other ways.The most common security pitfall is the ‘password’…and we all know how hard it […]

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Testing your Home Security knowledge

Many of us have preconceived notions of home security, and sometimes we need to take stock and just make sure how much we know, or don’t know. Taking inspiration from this article in the US Lets begin.Q: When is the most common time for a break in?A ) During the dayB) In the middle of the […]

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