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How To Stay Safe When You Live on Your Own

The following article was shared by Xpanda about 8 Safety Tips for Living By Yourself.Alone time is awesome! And living alone can feel liberating—the only dishes in the sink are ones you put there, everything is exactly your taste and the bookshelf is a perfect portrait of your psychology and your psychology only. But sometimes it can feel […]

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How To Maintain and Take Care of Your Xpanda Security Product

The upkeep of your Xpanda product is very important in ensuring the longevity of the product.If your product is maintained and cleaned as per below suggestions the life span will be increased substantially. In terms on maintaining the product it is suggested that the installed product should be washed down using a car washing liquid or similar […]

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Security Gates Are One of The Greatest Crime Deterrents

Security gates are one of the greatest crime deterrents that a business can employ. This is especially true for businesses that are located in dense metropolitan areas.  The Xpanda Security Group of Companies offers the widest and comprehensive range of approved anti-burglar protection and deterrent security products.Click on this link to view enlarged image.At Xpanda we work to keep criminals […]

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Load shedding in South Africa is Becoming The Norm

Load shedding affects South African’s in various ways. We have listed some of the common issues we experience during this moments of complete darkness. Most South Africans have experienced the inconvenience of power cuts recently caused by Eskom’s load shedding system. However, what many citizens don’t take into account are the security risks this imposes […]

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DIY Home Security Goes a Long Way in South Africa

Safety and security are sadly a major concern in today’s South African society so we have put together some Xpanda DIY security tips to make your home a safe fortress. This includes the tools you will need to install your Xpanda DIY security products and additional installation tips. Xpanda DIY Burglar BarsOur selection of DIY Burglar […]

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Criminals and Behaviour Types You Should Get To Know

There are many different types of burglars out there, and we need to constantly be on guard to ensure that we don’t fall victim to theft. Sometimes it may be hard if you don’t know what to look for. Xpanda has identified 3 types of criminals and how you can stop them.1. The OpportunistThese criminals look for any […]

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Burglar Bar Installation Tips & Tricks You Will Want To Know

Burglar Bars are a simple, low-tech home security solution for the every-day man. In this blog, we will be discussing tips and tricks for choosing and installing Burglar Bars.In a country where home invasions are, sadly, a common occurrence, burglar bars act as a deterrent for burglars and therefore offer a sense of relief and safety. […]

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