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Crime Statistics in South Africa Reveal Areas Most Affected By Crime

Crime statistics in South Africa have improved in certain areas and worsened in others.Take a look at the below article by which provides a clear breakdown of crime categories and areas most affected by crime.“South Africans were given the grim news on Tuesday that the murder rate had increased in the last financial year, […]

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Criminals and Behaviour Types You Should Get To Know

There are many different types of burglars out there, and we need to constantly be on guard to ensure that we don’t fall victim to theft. Sometimes it may be hard if you don’t know what to look for. Xpanda has identified 3 types of criminals and how you can stop them.1. The OpportunistThese criminals look for any […]

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Youth Month Takes A Deeper Look Into The Safety Of Our Youth

Youth Month encourages people to help ensure the safety of young South AfricansYouth month is here, and in this article below by Southcoast Herald, there is great emphasis put on the safety of young South Africans who do not only need to practice good safety measures when they leave home. Being vigilant any time of day, […]

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Crime Hotspot: Signs Your Neighbourhood Is At Risk

Crime hotspots in South Africa and signs to look out for in a recent article by Business Tech.“The second annual State of Urban Safety Report by the Urban Safety Reference Group and the South Africa Cities Network has put extensive research into the factors that play a big role in making an area a crime hotspot.Beyond breaking down the […]

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Vehicles Being Targeted By Criminals In South Africa

Vehicles being targeted by criminals in South Africa and seasonal crimes have been on the rise. Data provided in the below article by Business Tech shows that the socio-economic challenges we face have a direct impact on crime levels.“Business risk specialist, Bryte Insurance, has released its latest Crime Tracker for 2018.The tracker is an indicator […]

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Crime Statistics And A Stable Rand For South Africa

Crime statistics in South Africa often leave one feeling anxious, there have been many interventions and efforts from all relevant forces to assist in putting preventative measures in place that ensure your peace-of-mind and safety in our country. In a recent article by Business Tech, we can see an improved and steady rand and a slight […]

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Cash-in-transit Heists in South Africa Is On The Rise

Cash-in-transit heists are on the rise in South Africa, according to a recent article by Business Insider.Take a look at the below article for more information on current stats and how to avoid becoming a victim of a crossfire. There has been an alarming increase in cash-in-transit robberies.Last year, the number of these robberies spiked by […]

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Security Tips For First-Time Homeowners in South Africa

Security Tips For Homeowners in South Africa.Exploring the possibility of buying a home? Other than location, price, and amenities, security is one of the top concerns first-time buyers consider before purchasing a home. Ideally, you want to feel confident about your decision, knowing that you have taken all major influencing factors into consideration. The tips provided below will […]

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Crime Statistics Show Areas Most Affected By Crime In South Africa

Crime Statistics in South AfricaThe South African Police Service has released its crime statistics for the 2016/17 period, revealing which areas in the country have recorded the most crime reports in the past year.Overall, the crime statistics were up marginally in 2017 (+0.12%) from the total recorded in 2016. There were a total of 2.1 […]

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The Public Has Been Cautioned Against Impersonators in South Africa

The Public Has Been Cautioned Against Impersonators in South Africa.The public should always be on the lookout for impersonators who claim to be employed by security companies or other service providers and never allow anyone onto their property without first checking their identity.“Impersonators are a problem for many industries, especially in the service sector. There […]

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