Change Your Passwords Immediately To Avoid Wrath Of The Heartbleed Bug

A fairly hectic thing has been brought to our attention, so hereby accept this public service announcement: the internet is full of danger an encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug is being touted one of the biggest security threats internet users have ever faced. As much as 66 percent of the web may have been compromised by a newly revealed security flaw called Heartbleed.

So named by the researchers who discovered it, Heartbleed is a bug that affects an important Internet security protocol called SSL. Specifically, it affects one particular implementation of SSL called OpenSSL.

The bug potentially exposes profound amounts of private data to hacker types — including credit card information and passwords — who exploit the flaw in the OpenSSL encryption software used by some of the world’s most prolific websites. Sensitive information entered into these sites over the past two years is not indubitably safe and the internet is erupting in a fit of collective rage atm, which seems quite right on account of this is terrifying. 
Some companies who were susceptible to the bug have already implemented a security patch in their servers to remedy the problem, and the kind people over atMashable have compiled a list of the passwords you should change immediately. 
Google, all-encompassing 
Yahoo, all-encompassing
Yahoo Mail
Amazon Web Services
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