Construction sites are different, so to stay one step ahead of would-be thieves, you’ll have to tailor-make your security plan according to your job site.

Construction Site Security South Africa

A security plan is simple to put together but requires the cooperation of your team to implement and enforce.


Here are some ideas to help guide you in building a construction site security plan that works for your business:


  • Create a job site security plan before the project commences. Have a written security policy, and a security plan specific to the job site.


  • Keep the on-site inventory of materials to a minimum.


  • Store equipment, materials, and tools away from perimeter fencing.


  • Assign supervisory security responsibilities, and encourage security awareness among all workers.


  • Identify assets and property onsite, then check and track them regularly.


  • Secure the site perimeter with proper fencing as a first line of defence.


  • All tools and equipment should be accounted for and locked up in a secure location at the end of each shift.


Follow these tips for a more secure construction site.

If you want more help with your construction site security, contact us (031 791 0061 or 011 609 2148) and let us use our experience and security solutions to make your site more secure.


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