Conversations With A Burglar

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It’s not often you would sit down and talk to a burglar, ask them how their day is going or if business is good…

The thing about burglars, is that they exist all around us. Often we cannot tell them apart from other citizens whom we come into contact with in our everyday lives. Burglars often take on fake identities to distract victims from their intended plan. 

So what are some things a burglar would never tell you? Here are 8 things you would never hear from a burglar: 

1. Yes, of course you recognise me, I was here last week painting your walls or delivering your new oven. 

2. Do you really think I won’t look in your sock drawer or bedside table? 

3. I always make sure to ring the doorbell. If you answer, I’ll ask you for work or help with directions. Don’t take me up on it…

4.Thank you for letting me use the restroom when I was working on constructing your new veranda. While I was using it, I unlatched the window just to make my return a little easier. 

5. I see your kids leave out some expensive toys in the yard, they must also have an expensive gaming system inside.

6. It’s always good to see how long it takes you to pick up the newspapers from your driveway. 

7. Make sure your alarm control pad isn’t installed somewhere in your home where I can see it when it’s being set. That just makes my life too easy.  

8. Want to give me a chance? Don’t install an Xpanda gate…

Although these points seem lighthearted, the reality is burglars take any opportunity they can get, and it’s often likely that they plan an intrusion before breaking in. So is it a crime to spend money on home security barriers these days? No, the more secure your home is, the less ‘attractive’ it appears to a burglar when selecting a target in your neighbourhood. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your home security, speak to one of our Xpanda professionals for a customised security solution to avoid burglary. Do your part and be security smart.
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