Crime Codes

Burglars are scrawling secret symbols in the street to help other criminals know which homes to target. The symbols may indicate that a home is wealthy, has already been burgled or may have nothing worth stealing. Chillingly, they may also indicate if there is a vulnerable female in the home, or if the occupant is nervous, afraid or easily duped.

The following was obtained from this source.  The image displays crime codes in the UK. 


The symbols are used by burglars to help other thieves in their criminal endeavours. As well as saying where there are rich pickings, the code also warns if a property is well-guarded or has nothing valuable. Burglars are scribbling chalk marks outside homes to let fellow criminals know which properties to target. Police have revealed the signs are being drawn outside sprawling homes in advance of them being targeted by criminal gangs.

Stay tuned to see what signs burglars in South Africa are using to target homes. Make sure your home is not the next target. 

Xpanda we work to keep criminals behind bars. We understand that criminals never take a break, thats why we continue to provide homes and workplaces with barriers that keep criminals out. 


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