Crime Trends in South Africa: 10 Ways to Break into a Home – Part 2 of 2

Crime trends in South Africa: Following our top 10 ways to break into a home – part 2 of 2 – last week we gave you 5 of the easiest ways to break into a home, keeping you up-to-date with crime trends and helping you ensure you have the knowledge you need to keep your family safe.

Here is attempt 6:

It’s holiday time!

What does this mean to a burglar? It means that while you’re away, or entertaining your guests, you won’t be as alert as you normally would be when you’re less distracted by the excitement of gatherings and sleeping in. 

Planning a burglary during this time is one of the easiest for a burglar.

  • Keep your festivities low-key to onlookers who may observe your activity from the street. 
  • Clearing out old goods? Take them to a dumpster or keep them out of sight.
  • During gift giving season, the packaging of expensive goods laid out for the bin people to collect, is a good indication of what is in the home. Store these boxes away or take them to a public dumpster to off-load.
  • Make your home appear “lived-in” while you are away so that you can enjoy a worry-free vacation with your loved ones.
  • Ask your friendly neighbour to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and to alert you if there is any.

Here is attempt 7:

Hide and seek!

Those beautifully kept shrubs in the garden make for a great hiding place for burglars. Even the brightest of lights surrounding the home can conceal stealthy burglars.

Keeps these trimmed and at a height no taller than the bottom of your window. The less room for them to hide, the better.

Here is attempt 8:

Looking for a gap?

During the warmer months, we like to open up our windows and doors to allow the fresh spring air in. Without proper security, this opens up many other opportunities for burglars to take a quick gap if they see one.

Think twice before you hide your spare key in pot plants and under doormats. Burglars know where to look for these items. Also, keep the garden free of items such as bricks and other heavy objects that can be used to break windows.

Make sure that you secure your home with burglar bars and sliding security doors. There are many options available today that won’t detract from the look and feel of your home, but rather, enhance it. Xpanda Security offers a variety of home security solutions.

Here is attempt 9:

Remain visible

Burglars would like to avoid confrontation at all costs. Use your knowledge of this to your advantage by installing security lights around the property and sensors that will alert you when someone has entered the premises. Pets are a terrific deterrent too! Burglars may not anticipate being faced with an indoor canine.

Keeping the home well-lit is effective in discouraging burglars from taking a closer look. Consider the areas around the home where a burglar may run to – around the side of the home and at the back.

Here is attempt 10:

The perfect target

This is the number one point of entry burglars will use to gain entry into your home.

Homes left unattended and with peripheral lying around, tell a burglar that no one will be home anytime soon.

  • Keep these points in mind when considering your best home security solution.
  • Motion sensor lights save energy and they are an effective deterrent.
  • Ask your neighbour to clear away any newspapers or notes left for you on the driveway or at the gate.


Xpanda Security puts your security first. Follow our blog for crime trends and contact us for a free quote today!



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