Following crime trends to keep you up-to-date and putting your safety first

This article was shared by Xpanda Security from Blue Security. Following crime trends to keep you up-to-date and putting your safety first!

“Residents have been warned to ensure that their gate motors are secured following several incidents where criminals have disconnected and stolen batteries.

Blue Security operations manager Brian Jackson said an armed response officer arrested a suspect in Kloof at the weekend and recovered three brand new batteries.

“Our officer was patrolling the neighbourhood just before midnight after local street patrollers advised him to be on the lookout for several suspects. He arrested a suspect in Emolweni and recovered three batteries which were identified as belonging to a resident in Buckingham Road,” he said. “The suspect was handed over to the Kloof SAPS.”

Jackson said criminals were also not shy to strike a second time once a battery had been replaced and offered the following six tips to help residents ensure their gate motors and batteries are adequately secured against theft.

1. Move the motor: Install the gate motor as far away from the fence as possible to prevent criminals from reaching in to tamper with it. Alternatively, weld a metal plate at the bottom of the fence or gate to effectively block access.

2. Plant thorny bushes: Plant a few prickly plants around the gate motor as a further security barrier to prevent unwanted tampering.

3. Bolt it down: Securely bolt your gate motor into the ground to prevent theft.

4. Lock it up: Always keep your gate motor box locked to prevent battery theft and to stop intruders from switching the gate onto manual for easy access and escape. Make sure you have a key for the box on all your home key bunches.

5. Install a bracket: An inexpensive metal “anti-lift” bracket installed onto your gate will stop criminals from being able to easily raise the gate off its railing to gain entry to steal batteries. Be sure to fit the bracket as close to the gate as possible with a less than 1 cm gap.

6. Get an anti-gatecrashing kit: Add a simple anti-gatecrashing kit to your home alarm system. The kit is fitted to your gate to immediately set off the alarm should anyone tamper with the gate or try to derail it to gain entry.”

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