A Criminals First Perception of Your Home


A criminals first perception of your home is your driveway gate, and it is one of the most important parts of your home. They provide security, privacy and protection. They serve as the entrance to your property providing that valuable “first impression”. Street appeal can be enhanced thereby improving the overall value of your property.

There is a lot of thinking involved in choosing the best driveway gate for your place. Xpanda has been manufacturing driveway gates since 1974. These security barriers are manufactured to the highest standard, and like all Xpanda products, are recommended by the police and the insurance industry as key to keeping criminals behind bars. Below is our product range, simply click on each one for more detailed information and technical specifications.

Types of Driveway gates: 

Swing Type Driveway Gates
Sliding Driveway Gates
DIY Driveway Gates

Xpanda distributes world wide, with the head office in Durban South Africa. 

At Xpanda we work to keep criminals behind bars. We understand that criminals never take a break, thats why we continue to provide homes and workplaces with barriers that keep criminals out. 
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