Cybercriminal Activity Is A Growing Concern for South African Home Owners

Cybercriminal activity is being closely monitored, according to a recent article published on Business Tech
Not only is your physical security vital, your knowledge of how to secure your connection online has become increasingly imperative in an age where having any connection to the internet or presence online puts you at risk of stolen information/personal data. 

“When asked about the devices owned, that make up their connected homes, the survey showed that 89% of respondents own a smartphone, 77% own a laptop/notebook, 54% own a tablet, 32% own a Smart TV and 24% own gaming devices that connect to the Internet. Furthermore, 11% own Internet-connected home appliances.” – Business Tech

Our lives have become ‘digital’ orientated whether we are at home, the office or travelling. It offers convenience at your fingertips for a variety of needs, and for entertainment.  

“A top concern raised in the survey (67%) was financial cyber threats targeting user’s accounts, resulting in a monetary loss. Further to this, 64% voiced concern around phishing emails/websites that try to collect details and 60% about online account hacking – which can also result in financial and identity damage.” – Business Tech

There are steps that can be taken to improve online security and to ensure that your devices are always up-to-date with the latest security firmware. 

“The survey also indicated that 59% of users who own a desktop PC or laptop and 51% a smartphone or tablet PC, stated that they are very concerned about the protection of these devices from viruses and hacking. Yet, only 73% (PC/laptop owners) and more worryingly 57% (mobile), respectively, have a security solution installed on these devices.” – Business Tech

“When considering other smart devices that connect to the Internet, such as a Smart TV or baby monitor, only 38% of respondents expressed high concern for these devices falling target to viruses or hacking.” – Business Tech

“This lack of security is a disturbing reality and has provided a clear case for much stronger consumer education around their exposure to potential threats, especially in the mobile space where mobility is a key driver of the connected lifestyle,” said Badenhorst.” – Business Tech

It is the job of a cybercriminal to be a professional in his/her field of expertise. That is why it is important to become aware of the growing concerns around cybercriminal activity and do what you need to do to ensure that your online connection is secure. 

“According to analytical data from Gartner, over six billion IoT devices are currently being used worldwide, and many of them have already fallen victim to cybercriminals. While it may be possible to avoid shady websites and risky downloads, the act of being connected to the Internet and operating a connected home opens users up to passive risks such as drive-by-downloads and network-sniffing hackers.” – Business Tech

“These tactics put users (and their families) in danger and it is therefore critical for users to take corrective action, to be proactive around the security of their connected homes and devices, just as they would prioritise physical security, with the investment in strong and reliable security solutions,” said Badenhorst.” – Business Tech

Have the basics of property security covered by ensuring that your home is protected from the outside, in. 

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