DIY Home Security Tips that you can add to your daily routine

Follow these practical home security tips to add better security to your daily routine. 
1:  Always appear to be at home

Keeping a couple lights on at night, or the TV on a timer will give the illusion that someone is home when you’re out for the night or for a few short days while there’s no one house sitting for you. 

2: Blend in with the crowd

Does your home give the appearance that your lifestyle is certainly flashier than that of the rest of your neighbours? Opportunistic criminals and burglars are scouting the area for clues to what could be inside your home. One of these clues, is a home that stands out from the crowd. Try to maintain a conservative appearance while still enjoying and taking pride in your home. 

3: Improve home safety by keeping it bright

A well light property is a deterrent for potential burglars.  Motion light sensors and well lit areas outside of the property are a great investment to make. Keep dark corners and dark areas of the property well lit. 

4: Know your neighbourhood

In today’s day and age, we have built up our walls so high and seldom get to know our neighbours. Getting to know your neighbours and your neighbourhood is important when investing in an area. Knowing your area will help you to spot suspicious activity a lot quicker as criminals are constantly on the look out for a soft target. Speak to your neighbours if you notice unusual activity in your area. This will give you peace-of-mind as well as keep everyone alert. 

5: Do some pruning

Shrubs and bushy trees in your garden are the perfect hiding place for burglars. Keeps these areas trimmed and well lit to avoid being caught off-guard while you’re out in the garden during the day, or getting your family settled for the night. 

6: Close those windows

Even though you have your security gates and windows bars installed, you can dramatically improve your home security by ensuring that your windows are closed when you’re not going to be available or as alert. 

7: Pick your doors

Glass doors that make reaching for the handle easy after breaking the glass, allows intruders easy access to your home. Having security gates installed and choosing a home with the right doors is important to note, especially when you’re renting. 

8: Switch it up

Many homes today come standard with an alarm system. It is a necessary and effective home security measure. Ensure that, if you are installing a new alarm system, or taking over from previous owners, you always update your codes and change passwords regularly.  No previous service providers will be in possession of your code and gaining access to your information will prove difficult.   

9: Change the locks

If you’ve never replaced the locks on your gates and doors, doing this is especially important when you when you are a new tenant or homeowner. To ensure you’re the only one with a copy of that key and in control of who has copies of these keys, it is recommended that you change locks on gates and doors, for peace-of-mind. 

10: Put on your criminal hat

Sometimes, to get into the mind of a criminal, you have to think like one. Scan over your neighbourhood, home and street with the eyes of a criminal to see where you can improve your security. Take a walk through your garden and around your property to see what aspects of your home appear weakened by visibility or lack of security.

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