DIY Home Security Tips and Tricks

Take home security seriously—before the break-in. If you’re up for a great DIY project, get going with home security.

Whether you are at home, or a work, crime prevention is everyone’s business. Installing or upgrading your home security seems like a daunting task, but do not fret, as we are here to help.  When you plan how to best secure your home, you must approach it step by step.

Home Security

Reinforce doors. Your doors can often become the only thing that stands between you and criminals. The inside of your home you want to protect at all cost. This is your private domain and no one should be able to invade this family-only space. For an added layer of protection install security gates.

Strengthen Windows. Prevent unwanted entry by investing in burglar bars. Remember that appearances matter most. Don’t look like you have anything valuable to be stolen. Make your home look like you care about upkeep and security. If your home doesn’t look like an appealing target, burglars are less likely to try and break in. Do not forget to measure your doors and windows correctly before purchasing security gates and bars. If you are in doubt give us a ring.

Safes. Most intruders just want to grab something valuable and get the heck out. Therefore it is essential to have a safe in your master bedroom. IF a criminal did enter your family home a safe will protect your valuables from unwanted hands.

Sadly there is no trick that will prevent theft, but you can take measures to make theft seem like an unattractive option.

It is simply to make your house a less attractive target than the other houses in your neighbourhood. Look at the surrounding houses and adjust accordingly. Don’t be the lowest-hanging fruit!
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