Don’t Be Fooled By Good Looks

When you picture a criminal what comes to mind? It is unlikely that the image in your head is one of an attractive face. Criminals really do come in all shapes and sizes. ‘Good looks’ or a ‘friendly personality’ provide criminals with an extra advantage. 

Jeremy Meeks a 30-year-old male was arrested in Stockton, CA for armed robbery and parole violations, steaming from a string of gang-related activities, including trafficking sex slaves. Hundreds of woman are talking about how sexy he is and if you start typing his name in Google, it’s the first one up. This is an alarming matter, demonstrating the vulnerability of people. 

Criminals can be anyone around you. Those who are blinded by good looks or fooled by a fake impersonation only make themselves more vulnerable to be victims.

All Criminals belong behind bars, especially one’s with ‘good looks’ like Jeremy.

At Xpanda we work to keep all criminals behind bars.
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