Learn How To Enjoy Your Travels in South Africa, Safely!

Learn How To Enjoy Your Travels in South Africa, Safely!

Enjoy Your Travels in South Africa, Safely!

Going on holiday and seeing new places can be very exciting! Sadly, even in these happy and stress-free moments, criminals are hard at work trying to catch out unsuspecting tourists and travellers.

You may have followed all the advice in our previous blog, ‘Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays’, about leaving your home safe, but your safety is also important wherever you are as well. Here are a few things to consider while travelling these holidays:

  • Be alert

Firstly, be aware of your surroundings. This will help you avoid situations which may be threatening to you. If the people in the area are rowdy, keep interaction to a minimum. Often, being safe in another location is all about avoiding confrontation and dangerous situations.

  • Plan ahead

Next up, make sure you have thoroughly planned for your trip. Have maps and directions to your destinations easily available because wandering around and looking lost makes you an easy target to criminals also on the lookout for unsuspecting tourists. 

  • Be prepared

Lastly, be ready to fight back should the need arise. Carrying simple self-defence aids such as whistles, flashlights or personal alarms may be an easy way for you to deter criminals or alert others that you’re in danger. Learning simple self-defence techniques can also go a long way in helping you retaliate should you be attacked. 


Do you have any tried and tested safety tips for keeping safe while on holiday?

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