The Festive Season Gate and Alarm System Checks

The festive season is fast approaching and the upkeep of your security gates, as well as your alarm system is very important in ensuring security over the festive period.

If your security gate is maintained and cleaned as per the below suggestions, the life span will be increased substantially! In terms of maintaining your security gates, it is suggested that the installed product should be washed down using a car washing liquid or similar diluted in water, using a cloth wipe the product down and then rinse with clean water, dry using a cloth.

It is also suggested that once you have washed the installed product that you apply a lubricant spray such as silicone spray or similar. The closer that you are to the coast, so too, does it become more important to maintain your security gates on a more regular basis. 

We want to encourage you to ensure that your home and / or business security is fully functional before setting off on your holiday. Houses / businesses in poor lit areas with little lighting around the home and / or property are easy targets for criminals, especially during the holiday season, when they are most active while owners are away.

It is important that your alarm system and all your linked security devices are in working order. Entrances, including doors and windows need to be fully secured before you lock up and leave – so as to avoid unnecessary false alarm signals. 

If you’re looking at upgrading your home / business security, Xpanda Security has a wide range of home and business security options available to get you prepared for the busy festive period. Whether you’re going away on holiday or extending your business operating hours, you can rest assured that your security is at the forefront of our business. 


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