What security measures you need to consider when you own or rent a flat

Secure your upper level apartment by following these simple guides. This applies to holiday homes, first time homeowners and for those of you renting. 


  • Research the crime in the area you are looking at purchasing a flat, or renting a flat. Visit the nearest police station and get some insight from the officials. Speak to the neighbours and do some online research. 
  • Observe the general maintenance and security around the building: lighting, the laundry area, clubhouse, the entrances and passages. A well lit and well run building is a better option. 


Living in a sectional title building means that there will be a lot of people entering and leaving the building at various times throughout the day, and sometimes at night, too. Getting to know everyone will prove tricky and being able to tell the difference between a neighbour and visitor will become challenging. This is why you should:

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours and get to know them. Get their contact details in case of an emergency. It’s always good to have! Should you see any suspicious activity, you will be able to alert one another. 
  • Having a little peep-hole in the door comes in handy in properties like these. This allows you to see who is at your door.
  • Make sure that you change all the locks on the doors and that you are in charge of who has copies of the keys to access the property. 
  • Ensure that windows can be locked and if there are sliding doors, that they are secured. You can also get alarm sensors attached to windows and doors. 
  • Protect your privacy by closing blinds and curtains – especially at night. From a distance, even the people higher up and easily visible. 
  • Keep your valuables locked away in a safe place. 
  • Create awareness and encourage one another to keep the main entrance gates / doors closed or locked at all times. 
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