Get To Know the Three Different Types Of Burglars Out There

There are many different types of burglars out there, and we need to constantly be on guard to ensure that we don’t fall victim to theft. Sometimes it may be hard if you don’t know what to look for. Xpanda has identified 3 types of criminals and how you can stop them.

1. The Opportunist

These criminals look for any quick grab they can get from a venerable target. 

Most Common Targets: 
Cell Phones, Handbags, pockets and unprotected properties.

How to prevent this: Always keep a close eye on your belongings when out and about. Make sure your pockets are kept tight.


2. Team Thieves

These criminals usually work in twosomes. One will distract you whilst the other quickly steals whatever they can.

Most Common Targets: Someone who is alone, elderly and those who appear vulnerable.

How to prevent this: Check for representation of anyone who represents a company. Ask employees for ID or proof especially if they are asking to enter your home. If you are not sure about the person do not engage with them.


3. The Professional

These criminals know what they are doing. They know when to strike. 

Most Common Targets: Homes that are empty during holiday seasons as well as any home with poor security measures.

How to prevent this: If you are out of town for a while, let a friend or neighbor check up on your home and keep an eye on the place. You can also let someone you trust stay in your home whilst you are away. 

Xpanda works to keep criminals behind bars and out of your home. 

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