History of Xpanda

The company was started some 43 years ago, in 1974. The focus of the business at the time was geared towards the production of specialized products sold directly to the end user. The business has developed over the years and additional product portfolios have been added including the DIY range sold into the chain stores resulting in the situation today where Xpanda is one the most comprehensive manufacturer of barrier security products in South Africa. The business model and focus remain within the ambit of barrier security manufacture.

The DIY elements remain an integral part of the business and Xpanda has the enviable position of being the market leader of such products within the retail environment.

Brand strength and awareness are high due to the focused nature of the business and the long-term exposure the brand has had within the South African market.


Xpanda occupies a 12000m² site in Pinetown, Durban, South Africa, and products are distributed from there to branches throughout the country and to 28 countries worldwide.  All products are manufactured to ISO 9002 standards. 


The plant manufactures over 250 gates, 1500 burglar guards and 150 expanding security doors per day. It has an in house galvanizing division as well as a well equipped polester epoxy – coating plant.  Manufacturing also takes place in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Middleburg and Port Elizabeth albeit on a smaller scale.

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