Home Alone: 8 Safety Tips for Living By Yourself

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Alone time is awesome! And living alone can feel liberating—the only dishes in the sink are ones you put there, everything is exactly your taste and the bookshelf is a perfect portrait of your psychology and your psychology only. But sometimes it can feel a little stressful: isn’t living alone dangerous? It doesn’t have to be! In fact, living alone has its advantages—limited sets of keys and lack of roommate blunders can both decrease your chances of burglary. It doesn’t have to be any more dangerous than other types of living situations. With a few extra precautions, you can make sure that even if you’re on your own, you’ll always be safe:

Home Safety Tip 1: Get a Pet

Dogs are proven deterrents when it comes to burglars selecting targets, but the advantage of having either a dog or a cat is two-fold—having another being in the house with you can serve to make you feel more comfortable in your house. How comfortable you are in your home generally can determine your panic levels and how you will respond when you do have to make quick, emergency decisions.

Home Safety Tip 2: Remember to Lock Up

And not just when you’re out, or when you’re permanently in for the night. Lock up all the time—when you’re barbecuing out on the lawn, when you’re binge-watching Netflix, whenever you are not actively using the door to traverse the threshold into your living space. Lock. It. Up. Some break-ins occur as ‘walk-ins’ due to the lax attitude about locking doors. This is, by the way, also one of those advantages to living alone: you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s ability to get into your house, so why not stick that chain on? No reason not to. Also get in the habit of using the peephole.

Home Safety Tip 3: Close the curtains

Recommended for anyone, but especially important for those living by themselves. Closing the blinds or curtains means potential baddies can’t see your stuff, sure. It also means they can’t see that you’re alone—which could be a factor in choosing targets, depending on the burglar. Closing the blinds also affords you more privacy, so no matter what you’re doing, the entire street will be none the wiser.

Home Safety Tip 4: Turn Off Location Services

When you live alone, you might be on social media a lot. Whether you’re Facebooking your binge watch on Netflix or Instagramming your Chinese food take-out, social media can make you feel like you’re not alone. But when you do, just make sure that you’re not inadvertently broadcasting your location to the world when you share social media posts from home (in fact, Instagram specifically might be sharing your location in a round-about way). This is especially important for those that live alone because it’s easy to see from your content that you are, in fact, alone.

Home Safety Tip 5: Know Your Neighbours:

You don’t have to be best friends, but knowing your neighbours (and your neighbours knowing you) is one of the best and easiest security systems in the world. If your neighbours know you live alone, they’re likely to alert the authorities if they see someone who isn’t you crawling through your kitchen window. If they hear something they’d deem unusual, they’ll call police. And they wouldn’t ever do that if they didn’t know something was out of the ordinary.

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