Home invasion and useful security measures to put in place

Home invasion is a dreaded concern for most individuals living in South Africa. Knowing what you can do when you’re faced with one of your worst nightmares will help you to build the confidence necessary to improve the quality of your lifestyle in sunny South Africa, while getting out of a potentially tragic situation all together. 

The first step is one we have all heard before. In South Africa, being security conscious comes with the territory. It’s important that you remain vigilant and put in place the absolute basic security necessities, like keeping windows and doors secured, as well as locked. 

Installing an early warning system gives you time to react should an intruder gain access to your property. Often times beams are switched off while the family is home. If you are seated indoors, ensure that you switch on your beams. This will allow you to perform the necessary security procedures such as locking your family in a safe room while alerting your local security company.  It is believed that the bathroom is a safer option as safes can usually be found in the main bedroom.

When faced with an intruder who has managed to bypass your layers of security, remember to stay calm and don’t make any sudden movements that will cause the intruder feel nervous about what you’re going to do next. Avoid eye contact as this adds to making them feel nervous. Try to cooperate as best as you can. Intruders are on a race against time, especially if your alarm has gone off.  Frustrating this process might set them off and lead to a violent outcome in order to get the job done quicker.  

Joining your local neighbourhood watch and following the trends in your area will help you to better secure your home and your family. People in general are tightening their security measures and are staying in touch with security companies. The best method of security you can apply to your home is being prepared and staying informed. 


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