Home Renovations That Won’t Price You Out of The Market

Home renovations in South Africa

Renovations that won’t price you out of the market can be explored below as we cover what will, and what won’t price your home out of the market.

Home renovations that keep you priced within the market. Home renovations in South Africa

Whether you’re renovating to improve your home, or if you are wanting to sell your home, here is what you need to know.

“However, not all renovations you make will necessarily increase the value of the house. For example, adding an expensive swimming pool can often be a disadvantage due to the required maintenance. As a result, some potential buyers may not be willing to pay more for it and would have preferred to have the extra space instead,” said Madikizela – via housinginsouthafrica.co.za

The following home renovations are practical and logical renovations that are sure to increase the value of your home. 

1. Kitchen: a lot of time is spent in the kitchen, and this is where family and friends gather every day to enjoy a meal. It is a space that gets used often and is considered a good area to maintain in the home. 
2. Bathroom: same as the kitchen, this room in the home is used on a daily basis and is another great space to maintain and keep updated in the home.
3. Storage Space/Garden Cottage: having an outside room that you can use for your storage/guests/live-in domestic worker is always a good consideration when it comes to home renovations. 
4. Going Green: in the 21st century, people opt more for greener homes that take into account ‘energy saving’ features such as solar-based panels, geyser, and gas. 
5. Entrance gate/Home Security: you can never invest too much in the basics of home security. With crime stats being what they are in South Africa, a good quality home security routine is one of the best investments that you can make to your property. 

Ensure that all the work done to your property is done to the highest standards possible by hiring qualified professionals to install and do the work that you require for your renovations with a quality assurance guarantee. 

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