The decision to hire a domestic helper is a personal one that has its pros and cons.  For some, the idea of strangers entering your home and cleaning is an invasion of privacy.  While others would argue that the time, energy, and peace of mind saved by having a helper is well worth the alternative. 

Domestic Helper house cleaning South Africa home safety tips

Here are a few safety tips to consider when hiring a domestic helper.

  • Choosing a cleaning service is like choosing a doctor. If you are concerned about the safety of your home and belongings, find reputable housekeeping services that have references for you to contact. Consider asking your neighbours, coworkers, or family members whom they would recommend.

  • Have a telephonic interview first: Ask questions over the phone that are important to you. They can include; how long have they been in business? Or what referrals do they have for you to call?


  • Always ask for identification, especially if the individual is a foreign national. If you are not sure how to check for the authenticity of identity documents or what to look for, visit your nearest police station for assistance.


  • Put away bank statements and bills. These documents make it easy for someone to steal your identity.


Decide if this is right for your family. Go with your instincts when hiring a housekeeping service. Ask questions that will settle your concerns and don’t be afraid to be honest and candid.  Your home, family and belongings should feel safe when in the hands of a helper. 

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