Is Your Home Secure?

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How safe is your home? Hopefully, you answered “very safe.” But how do you know? For new homeowners, and even those who have been in their home awhile, you should consider obtaining a third-party risk assessment (from home security experts or locksmiths). At Xpanda we work to keep criminals behind bars and out of your property. 

Some of the questions that should be asked include:

  • What do I have that is worth stealing? Is it visible? Do I keep my car keys near the inside of an exterior door in my home where they could be seen and potentially taken by a criminal?
  • How is my home currently being secured? Why is that adequate, or why do I want to upgrade?
  • What is my outdoor security lighting system?
  • Where do I keep my valuables?
This source was gathered by Xpanda. To find out more on home security tips, feel free to click on this link.
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