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Your home security checklist, brought to you by
Xpanda Security. We have years of experience in securing homes and businesses, which is why we can assure you that the starting point of securing your home is to first secure your windows, doors and perimeter.

34% of all house robberies reported in South Africa, criminals had gained access through a window. Source: @nhsm.co.za

When installing your Xpanda Security sliding door / burglar bars, consider applying a security film to your home windows – Just like you do to your car. It is a clear film that provides you with extra comfort in its various levels of protection, combined with the practicality and strength of our security options.

Have your electric fencing system tested from time to time to ensure that all is still in good working order. Trim back overgrown branches that could potentially interfere with your fence.

You may also want to invest in beams and garden lights which are an effective deterrent to criminals. They also signal, someone is home! Which is what you ideally want especially when you’re travelling – or if no one is at home during the day.

If you have animals, you may want to make a suitable arrangement with them depending on your security needs, to avoid a few phone calls because your pet has set the alarm off. This happens and, it can become rather frustrating for you – however, comforting to know that your security company is on top of it all no matter what.

Make the most of any occasion by taking the above necessary precautions to improve the quality of your home life, and life away from home for those you leave behind. It’s the smallest of measures to be taken that will change the way you think about security in South Africa after you have done all the necessary checks.

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