Home Security – Keep Criminals Out Of Your Home

There is a lot more to home security than simply closing windows and locking doors. Keep criminals out of your home by following our checklist. You can take action and avoid being an easy target for an opportunistic thief:

  • Ensure that your security system is working and that they have backup batteries
  • Mark your valuable items inside with an engraver – in the case that they get stolen they could be returned to you
  • Store valuables such as money and jewellery inside a safe
  • Be cautious of who you lend your keys to as keys can be easily copied
  • Don’t publicise your absence when away on holiday or business
  • Don’t advertise your valuables
  • Take a look at your home from the outside and place yourself in the shoes of a burglar – what can you see?
  • Install home security gates in your home

The infographic below looks at the different security measures you can take to keep criminals out of your home and prevent break-ins.


The Xpanda Group of Companies offers the widest and comprehensive range of approved anti-burglar protection and deterrent security products.

The product range is vast and covers stock item as well as custom security products. We supplier all major retailers standard stock for those who want to DIY at home.

These include : 

All these products enjoy success in a variety of applications in the commercial, industrial and domestic markets, and are used in some of the following operations : 

  • Clothing Stores 
  • Hospitals 
  • Shopping Malls 
  • Retirement Homes 
  • Furniture Retailers 
  • Government Buildings 
  • Domestic Property Developments 
  • Schools and Universities 
  • Motor Accessory Outlets 
  • Major Building Contractors 

Keep criminals behind bars and out of your home! 

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