Home Security: Secure Your Home This Summer While You’re On Holiday

Home Security During The Holidays

Make use of these simple yet effective home security tips!

These tips will help you to secure your home these holidays, and give you peace-of-mind while you are away, knowing that you and your family are protected, and can enjoy a well-deserved break from the city.
  • Keep up appearances: Make your home look lived-in while you’re away on holiday. Ask your neighbour, family and friends to water plants, collect post in boxes or on the driveway, and feed your pets while you are away. The more activity around the home, the better!
  • Lock-up: Ensure that all access points such as windows and doors are all locked and secured at all times to improve your home security while you are away. This includes your garage. If you have any items lying around the garden, store them away and keep the door locked. 
  • Keep things tidy and trim: Mow the lawn before you go on holiday, and trim shrubs and bushes on and around the property. You’ll thank yourself later when you come back to a neat and tidy garden. 
  • Play a low profile: Sharing fond memories while on holiday is tempting, however, try to leave the sharing for when you arrive back home. Alert family members and ask them to avoid sharing details of your holiday. Burglars are savvy when it comes to technology and the internet. They may be watching your online activity – so, best keep a low profile until you get back.
  • Power-off: Turn off electronics that do not need to be on while you’re away. This will save you money, and the stress of wondering whether or not you forgot to turn the stove off!

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