Home security tips for the summer

Summer time is always great. With the weather starting to brighten up and the days becoming longer, thoughts are naturally beginning to turn towards a relaxing, well-earned summer break.

You may be considering heading abroad for your summer getaway or planning on a holidaying somewhere closer to home. Wherever you’re planning to go, it’s important to spend some time thinking about your home security before you leave.

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Here are 4 key areas to take into account if you’re planning a summer holiday. 

1) Make your home look ‘lived in’

You can set timer switches for lights and ask a trusted neighbour to collect your newspapers. Nothing shouts “we’re on holiday” more than a pile of newspapers on your driveway. 

2) Ask someone to keep an eye on your property

If you know someone willing to help, ask them to keep an eye on your property and also maintain it while you’re away. Taking bins out, drawing the curtains at night and opening them in the mornings are little things that help make the property look lived in.

3) Be careful on social media

You’ll naturally be tempted to share your summer holiday with your Facebook or Twitter friends while you’re away, but just be careful and think about who might be able to see it and then know that you are away from home. It may be safer to share your photos and travel updates privately with friends rather than broadcasting them across public social networks.

4) Check that your doors and windows are securely locked

It may sound simple, but this is how most summer break-ins happen. In the rush to get away, a few home security basics can get missed. Make sure you check, double check and then triple check all your doors and windows.

Oh, and don’t forget to lock your security doors

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